7 Growth Hacks to Fast Track Success in Business and Life

On this episode of the Young and Wealthy™ Podcast Seth and Matt break down 7 Growth Hacks you can use today to fast track success in business and life.

The 5 Most Important Principles To Follow For Success

You want to be successful. So do most people. Interesting that deciding to be successful isn’t necessarily what makes you successful. What sets you apart from the rest is about what you’re willing to do about it. Consider these five tips to have a successful life.

Heal Past Wounds

So much of what impairs us today is connected to the past. Anytime you are upset by something that happens today, it is often tied to a particular person or trauma in the past. You need to address these hurts with the truth. Consider why someone hurt you the way they did. It doesn’t excuse their behavior, but you will find that people who have been hurt end up hurting others. A person will hurt you because of their own issues, which means it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Understanding this and understanding that forgiveness releases you of this pain helps you to truly let go. When you let go of these issues, you will stop self-sabotaging yourself, and pain, fear and anger will cease to hold you up.

Know Yourself

You need to know how you fit into the “big picture”. You need to know your desires and your purpose. This sounds like a huge undertaking, but you will waste so much time and go down numerous paths until you find out what’s inside you and what makes you most happy. Start by exploring your talents, your likes and your dislikes. When you discover what you don’t like, you can discover all-the-more what you do like. Knowing this information will help you with your daily schedule too.

Focus on Results

There are a million possibilities for your day, but it’s not going to do you much good to paint your nose pink, dance on your back porch and recite your ABC’s backward. After discovering your purpose, you need to establish some goals. After this, create mini goals that can be broken up into your daily routine. You need to focus on what’s essential. This does not mean that you don’t take time to enjoy life, because, yes, that is essential too. However, what you need to do is to take inventory of what’s truly important in your life. Your health, family, home and other things are incredibly important. Reading the latest article on why so-and-so is no longer casted in movies is not, unless you are their press agent.

Don’t be vague about what you want. If you want to write 5 thousand words a day, then honestly focus on that. If you want to spend three hours playing with your kids, be in the moment, and don’t secretly think about work. If you want to start the day with coffee, make the time for it. Your goal, at the end of the day, is to be satisfied with your endeavors and to treat every day as something new.

Balance Work and Play

Here’s where a lot of people get out of balance and off track. You need to have fun, self-care and relaxation. Yes, schedule these in because if you don’t, your productivity will decrease. You are not a workhorse. Whether or not you believe that you have an inner child, there is a part of you that can resent work if you don’t indulge once in a while. Purposefully, balance your work and play, and leave a little wiggle room in case something takes longer than you expected. Let’s face it—it always does—so just make time for it. While “playing”, take the time to truly enjoy whatever you’re doing. If you want to lie down in the middle of the room and listen to ocean waves to relax, be fully in the moment.

Positive Thoughts

You will need to decide your thoughts. Most people think negative things about themselves all day long. The good news is that these thoughts tend to be false. Saying to yourself, “I’m the biggest failure in the world” couldn’t possibly be true. Challenge your thoughts with the truth and not based upon how you feel. Every time a negative thought comes up, shoot it down, and challenge your negative thought with the truth. Tell yourself, “I choose to believe that I am successful.”

There’s only one you. This means you are vital in this world. The world needs you and your talents. Be successfully you.

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